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Guidance of parking lot, bicycle parking lot

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  • 1 Hakata Station north bicycle parking lot
  • 2 Deitos annex basement bicycle parking lots
    Phone number
    Once (until 24 hours) free from warehousing for two hours
    ◎More than two hours in the case of the use
    Once a day bicycle (only as for two of them) 100 yen
    Once a day motorcycle (only as for less than 125CC, two of them) 200 yen
  • 3 Hakata Station basement bicycle parking lots

Information for parking service

Please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket at store cash register of the use.
※Parking service is effective only for purchase on the day. ※There is store excluding partly.

Store which excludes

The insurance review main office, Shimamura Music classroom, JQ CARD JCB counter, JQ CARD Saison counter, Fujimoto Eye Clinic, bodies, ABC cooking studio, Bra navigator plus, JR Kyushu Hall, T-JOY Hakata, JR Hakata City Conference Rooms, Kyushu University business school, RF
Amu est
Lease shop Kyoritsu land, Sagawa Express door-to-door parcel delivery service counter, Hakata Deitos Amu est service counter, medical corporation yamakawa ophthalmology clinic
Deitos annex
Sun Pharma, Station Clinic

※The Enter number of times in case of purchase is to ten times.
※With HAKATA Hankyu cannot add up.

Park & Ride for Shopping

JR Stations offer special pricing parking lot.

AMU PLAZA HAKATA gives parking service ticket for up to 400 yen to customer using the above 3,000 yen (tax-included) by purchase amount of money adding up in more than 3,000 yen (tax-included) or HAKATA Hankyu by purchase amount of money adding up in Amu est, Hakata Deitos Deitos annex. ※There is store excluding partly.

Handing over place of parking service ticket is changed by time. From 10:00 to 21:00, AMU PLAZA HAKATA 3F synthesis information / Hakata Deitos Amu est 1F service counter / HAKATA Hankyu section person in charge ※Please report to store after 21:00.

For more details of parking lot at each station, click the station name below.

Kagoshima Main Line

Komorie Station / Nishi-Kokura Station / Tobata Station / Spaceworld Station / Akama Station / Fukuma Station / Fukkodaimae Station / Yoshizuka Station (underpass parking lot, the second three-dimensional parking lot) / Minami-Fukuoka Station / Futsukaichi Station / Tosu Station / Kurume Station

Fukuhoku Yutaka Line

Iizuka Station / Kotake Station

※We offer discounts of up to 300 yen for parking fee at Iizuka Station and Kotake Station.