Hall, meeting room, the HAKATA station square

JR Hakata City Conference Rooms JR HAKATA CITY 9F, 10F

We have small meeting room which is most suitable for the use with a small number of people and large meeting room which can accommodate 144 people in school form.
You can use lecture and seminar, meeting for wide use. Correspondence that we put together in needs of customer by dividing meeting room by sliding wall to contents and scale of meeting is possible.


9F meeting room
  • 28 1 135m2 84 seats
  • 24 2 114m2 72 seats
  • 24 3 117m2 72 seats
  • 16 4 85m2 48 seats
10F size meeting room
  • 12 A/B/C/D 56m2 36 seats
  • 24 A+B/C+D 113m2 72 seats
  • 48 A+B+C+D 226m2 144 seats
10F small meeting room
  • Four E/F/G/H/I 18m2 12 seats
  • Eight E+F/G+H 36m2 24 seats
  • Eight J 38m2 24 seats
  • 14 I+J 56m2 42 seats
Use example
Meeting / lecture, seminar / school / society / workshop
Basic layout
School form

Flows from reservation to enforcement

  • ※We accept 1 reservation from (at the beginning of the month) before half a year of use Mo and start
    We accept reservation of large meeting room (ABCD) from one year ago (at the beginning of the month) of use Mo and start
  • ※Cancellation fee is caused after use of 2 application presentation
  • ※Payment within 3 14th
  • ※Until 31 days using 4 halls ago until seven days using / meeting room ago
Please inquire whether confirmation of status becomes vacant, and you see the situation to the following number.
※In the case of visit hope, please refer to the following number by all means.
(visit is possible between from 10:00 to 17:00 only when the use does not enter)
TEL 092-292-9258 (celebration is excluded on Saturday and Sunday for from 9:00 to 17:30)
FAX 092-292-9362