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2018/06/24 - 2018/06/24

Special performance "one pork special to double" of the tenth anniversary of Tachikawa straight will one-person show qualification given to comic storyteller promotion

<pe sharugesuto> Danshun Tatekawa

[the date and time] The curtain rises at 14:00 on Sunday, June 24 (the 13:30 opening)
[venue] JR Kyushu Hall (JR HAKATA CITY 9F)
[rate] All booking 4,000 yen / 4,500 yen (tax-included) on that day reserved seats

◆Of ticket want
Release general than Saturday, March 17

[advance ticket handling place]
[ticket PIA]
・TEL reservation: 0570-02-9999 (P cord 484-384)
・WEB reservation:
・The store purchase: Seven-Eleven, Circle K of the U.S., Sunkus
[Lawson ticket]
・TEL reservation: 0570-084-008 (L cord 82643)
・WEB reservation:
・The store purchase: In Loppi of Lawson MINISTOP all the stores setting
[theater net project]
・TEL reservation: 092-739-2318 (mail sale)
・WEB reservation:
(Seven-Eleven ticketing)

Sponsorship: Theater net project
The cosponsorship: JR HAKATA CITY

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