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2018/07/01 - 2018/07/31

"Slight intoxication pub crawl" from Sunday, July 1 to 31st Tuesday holding! According to @ HAKATA slight intoxication

Get digital coupon which is usable according to HAKATA slight intoxication by lot; and is pub crawl aimlessly!

[digital coupon]
(1)One cup of drink for free ticket
(2)200 yen discount coupon

[store targeted for coupon]
Stand Motsu-Nabe Ooyamatei / Nagahama fresh fish wholesale shop fireside fish assistant /, and drink, and have firm / Japan reproduction bar bar; bake, and place is; cheap thing shop / Tsukasa / HAKATA fish shop shokudotatsuetsugan / nu KOMATSU of Shii / deep-fried skewers
※Coupon is available after 2 store eyes after the issuance with 1 store eye.

Period From Sunday, July 1 to 31st Tuesday
[place] According to DEITOS 1F HAKATA slight intoxication

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