Farmers kurabu

Is it Farmers kurabutoha?

In "rice field" of AMU PLAZA RF and "field of table" "field of the back" (backyard)
We bring up various vegetables throughout the year!

We experienced *fu, gain as five or six times a year of events until now!
"We did, but, in *fu, gain cannot come…"What "grew up how" "We did not know that we could experience!"
In closeness more in response to such a voice ♪ Of RF "live, agriculture" made ni "kurabu" which had participate!

  • "Farmers kurabu" HP every Thursday update! We provide "now" of field of RF including trivia about growth diary and vegetables and agriculture♪
  • Depending on the situation of field
    We hold event!
    The growth situation changes every day! We provide "season" when we cannot respond only at annual event! We harvest vegetables at seasonal time and perform distribution of RF fresh vegetables.
  • As for the knowledge of vegetables
    We check in HP!
    We tell trivia of pretty good vegetables including preservation method and recipe♪

Event information

Event report

Member's card is canned with logo batch ★We perform at the time of application hakurabuno event at any time!
Let's participate in fu ketekurabuno event in batch!