Restaurant & cafe

kuuten 10F / steak Grill

Steak & Wine Style Budou-no-ki

Of wine of all the countries of the world and specially selected steak
We want to enjoy mariaju

Restaurant that steak and side menu of iron plate style that Lunch did choice are buffet and can enjoy. Weekday Dinner is Grill drawing taste of fresh ingredients from snacks-like tapas and day and night recommended jin comb. You have abundant wine of all the countries of the world, too, and please be fuddled with mariaju with dishes.

[weekdays] is 00/ last orders 00-16 Lunch 11: It is 00/ last orders - 24 at Dinner 17:30 at 15:00: It is 00/ last orders 00-16 Lunch 11 at 23:00 [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays]: It is 00/ last orders 30-23 Dinner 17 at 15:00: 22:00
Phone number
Handling product
Steak Grill
Official site
Under GOURNAVI publication
Indication of Price
Lunch: [weekdays] 1,300 yen [weekend Saturday and Sunday] 1,600 yen Dinner: 2,000 yen ...
The number of the seats
56 seats
Smoking cessation
All seats, whole day non-smoking.
Possible (we talk about the pivot more than 40 people)
Kids' Wear correspondence
Chair, buffet child rate existence for child


We have abundant menu and wine mainly on steak

Discerning homemade smoke and a la carte menu full of originality are enriched,
Furthermore, we can enjoy world wine with steak which selected carefully casually.

All roast beef, the beef cutlet hamburg appears for 1,000 yen (tax-excluded) in Lunch now.
Arrive, and, only in weekdays, there is buffet of side menus such as salad soup rice Bagna cauda for +500 yen (tax-excluded).

Lunch presents sparkling for toast toward the reservation on seeing blog at wine or draft beer service, night.
Tell the staff about request!

Furthermore, please confirm detailed thing from the following site!

Photograph is homemade sausage assortment

"German potato salad" which we fully used quite popular homemade bacon for

Carbonara Pasta "of" homemade raw noodles that sticky texture is unbearable

We prepare for several kinds of steak which selected carefully.

Discerning roast beef is quite popular menu