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kuuten 9F / Fruits and pancakes cafe

Campbell Early

Charm of seasonal fruit to tell
On pancake and parfait

We right suggest charm of seasonal fruit which reached good time to eat with soft and fluffy pancake and colorful parfait, fresh drink now. We send in the most delicious state while the professional staff who knew everything about fruit becoming ripe, and making sure of condition.

11:00-23:00/ last orders: 22:00
Phone number
Handling product
Fruits and pancakes cafe
Under GOURNAVI publication
Indication of Price
1,080 yen ...
The number of the seats
65 seats
Smoking cessation
All seats, whole day non-smoking.
Kids' Wear correspondence
We have chair/dish for children.


Parfait of peach

It is introduction of parfait of peach today.

We put refreshing lemon gelato toshuwashuwano carbonic acid gelee together.
Deluxe parfait that whole one used soft, sweet peach.
As it becomes limited number of products, please come to the store early.