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kuuten 10F/Black pork dish

Yushoku Tonsai Ichi-ni-san

We have with soba soup without any regret
Black pork shabu-shabu from Kagoshima

We dip meat of one of the position of the stars in Chinese horoscope black pork into soba-yu quickly and have with soba soup of bonito flavor that green onion fully entered. Including specialty "black pork shabu-shabu" that chopsticks do not stop unintentionally, we have healthy Black pork dish of pride abundantly.

11:00-22:30 (L.O. 21:45) ※We change Hours. For more details, ask store.
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Black pork dish
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Indication of Price
Lunch: 880 yen - Dinner: 2,800 yen ...
The number of the seats
60 seats of Private Rooms: Three (4-8 people)
Smoking cessation
All seats, whole day non-smoking.
Kids' Wear correspondence
We have chair/dish for children.

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