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kuuten 9F / French food

Au gout du jour merveille HAKATA

We do including ingredients and France of Kyushu
In technique of chef whom we studied at three star restaurant
We send "miracle" = "merveille"

One of "service that is the best with the best dishes" is concept. Chef valuing respect to nature lets ingredients of the ground sublimate to refined work on the stage of Kyushu that is native place.

Lunch 11:00-15:00/ last orders 13:30 Dinner 18:00-23:00/ last orders: 21:00
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French food
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Indication of Price
[weekdays] Lunch: 3,800 yen ..., Dinner: 5,800 yen ... [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] Dinner: 9,000 yen ...
The number of the seats
18 seats
Smoking cessation
All seats, whole day non-smoking.
Including dishes, drink charges Lunch 150,000 yen ..., Dinner 200,000 yen ...


Encounter ... of miracle foie gras and watermelon of ... summer

Hello, everyone.

Break of the rainy season is over, too, in town of HAKATA to male servant dressed in happi coat
Preparations for decoration mountain advanced steadily and became the arrival of sedge hat with ornaments season.

In Merveille HAKATA, it is supesharite of Chef small bank
We demand "mijote of 100 kinds of vegetables which expressed the earth of Kyushu"
You come to many customers
There is cooking that we will enjoy to all of you in this season more.

From all of you coming this season today from that
One article to have surprise and voice of impression.
"Flavor of confit whole watermelon and Japanese pepper of foie gras"

We perform field firing of foie gras from France at low temperature slowly
It is tipped white chocolate on the top by sauce of black syrup
And attach cookies of soybean flour and sweet Mie with body
Watermelon and salt tomato from Kumamoto which make up for moisture there
Besides, you can enjoy cherry and various sweetness.
The life, do not be only sweet (laugh)
Oil of Japanese pepper is Accent spicily
It is complicated constitution to tighten the whole
We should be able to thoroughly enjoy the taste when we have you have.

Please appreciate at this opportunity.

We look forward to your coming.

Merveille HAKATA