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kuuten 9F / Noodles with starchy soup

Canton Chao Mien Nangokusyuka

One meal of valuable advertising menu
If eat; joining a group of ardent fan

Drawing card dishes "five tool dakusanankakeyakisoba" to praise highly saying "there is one meal of value!" in ardent fan at first by all means. Bean jam that taste is thick coils itself round crisp, elastic noodles and is already unbearable. Single dish of Other including rice thing is substantial, too.

11:00-23:00/ last orders: 22:30
Phone number
Handling product
Noodles with starchy soup
Under GOURNAVI publication
Indication of Price
1,015 yen ...
The number of the seats
39 seats
Smoking cessation
All seats, whole day non-smoking.
Possible (only on weekdays)
Kids' Wear correspondence
We have chair/dish for children.


[kuuten 9F Canton Chao Mien Nangokusyuka] <summer limitation> Natural prawns and octopus, hot Noodles with starchy soup of Manganji red pepper

Summer-limited new product
★Natural prawns and octopus, hot Noodles with starchy soup tax-excluded 1,480 yen of Manganji red pepper
It is natural prawns and octopus, seasonally limited Noodles with starchy soup using seasonal vegetables.
Please appreciate at this opportunity.