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kuuten 9F / Rice and Soup, local sake

Gohanya Shobo-an

Steaming rice and familiar side dish
Home cooking that professional suggests of Japan

Menu that theme fits both freshly cooked rice and liquor. It is person trouble, or even Fukuoka souvenir provides greens for taste of professional player figure including famous specially made Karashi Mentaiko at home in familiar single dish and seasonal season. You cook liquor and earthenware pot of careful selection, and please enjoy with rice of (as for the Lunch broad-brimmed cooking pot for rice).

From 11:00 to 16:00 (L.O. 15:30), from 17:00 to 22:00 (L.O. 21:00)
Phone number
Handling product
Rice and Soup, local sake
Official site
Under GOURNAVI publication
Indication of Price
Lunch: 1,480 yen - Dinner: 4,000 yen ...
The number of the seats
54 seats of Private Rooms: Only one (six people) Dinner requires reservation
Smoking cessation
All seats, whole day non-smoking.
Possible (only as for the Dinner)
Kids' Wear correspondence
Menu (only as for the Lunch) existence for child


Introduction of present to Mother's Day!

Hello, everyone♪
We spent time, and how would GW be done?
As for us, the Gohanya Shobo-an, many customers came.
We thank all of you some other time!

We introduce recommended product as present to Mother's Day this time.

◆ Sprinkle sea bream which cannot drink HAKATA-limited Shobo-an; ... 756 yen (tax-included)
You quit even if you run on the rice and, also, can have salad dressing gawarinifurikakeokaketemo deliciously very much!

◆ hakutashinhishio ... 540 yen (tax-included)

As for this product, taste, acidity, sharp taste of Shobo-an original combination, Balance of samisen are exquisite sharp taste sauce.
It is available in substitution for red pepper and doubanjiang
It is simple and clogs up fried rice and dishes of saute thing.

◆ (Mother's Day) is zotohakonyukaya*sha; and 22 bags of ... 1,620 yen (tax-included)

We sell kaya*sha soup stock of Mother's Day-limited treasure who made carnation motif for gifts!

You attach message, and would you like to usually send thought of thanks to mother not to be able to readily send to entrance?
In addition, it is sure that you can be pleased even if we treat important mother to home cooking, thing!

How about Shobo-an and kaya*shashohin as souvenir of Mother's Day?

We wait for all the staff, your visit.

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