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10F / Szechwan cuisine

Shisen Hanten

Shisen Hanten

For taste and heart all for smile
The Chinese palace of strong man pride

Shop of Mr. Chen Kenichi which is known as "strong man of dish". We send popular "mapo tofu" to the first on the list by service to feel cooking that oneself thinks to be delicious if anyone is comfortable. We engrave thought of Mr. such Chen into all the staff chest and invite all of you.

We confirm menu, the latest information in [GOURNAVI]!


Lunch from 11:00 to 16:00 (L.O. 15:00)
Dinner from 17:00 to 23:00 (L.O. 22:00)

Phone number


Aim of Price

Lunch 1,296 yen ..., Dinner 5,400 yen ...

The number of the seats

74 seats of Private Rooms: Two rooms (6-18 people) require reservation


All seats, whole day non-smoking.

Kids' Wear correspondence

We have chair/dish for children.


Possible (we talk about the pivot more than 40 people)



Shisen Hanten

We look after floor guide

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Spring select course

Please choose nine articles of 5,400 yen of one. 
 Visitor 1 drink service of woman! 

1 Asskicking hot sauce of steamed chicken
2 Jellyfish with vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar citrus fruit
3 Chinese food-style seasonal fish sashimi
4 Three kinds of cold greens assortment +500
5 Shark fin soup
6 Egg soup with spring cabbage   
7 Samisen soup of vinegar, pepper, *yu   
8 With heavy soup swallows' nests +1,000 with crab innards
9 Figure (45 g) stewed sharkfin +1,000
10 Scallop sauteed with blowtorch 
11 PALM frying of squid
12 Chili sauce of muscular prawns  
13 Muscular prawns and salted sauteed broad beans
14 Lobster sauteed with blowtorch +1,000
15 Pepper steak
16 "Sweet and sour pork" of kokusu of fascination
17 Sichuan sauteed beef and autumn vegetables
18 mitsuse chicken sauteed with red pepper
19 Fried oyster +1,000 of Japanese black beef
20 Shanghai crab sauce cliff +500 of seasonal vegetables
21 Awayuki style with asparagus and dried bean curds crabmeat
22 In spring high flame saute with sakura shrimp of bamboo shoot
23 Mapo tofu of Chen Kenichi
24 Handmade show Ron POE
25 Brand-new spring roll
26 Hot deep frying of wing
27 Peking duck and steamed bread +500
28 Two kinds of recommended dim sum
29 Spring fried rice
30 Hot fried rice
31 Five Ankake deep-fried soba
32 Tantanmen which there is no home stew in
33 Tongue tongue noodles
34 annindofu
35 MANGO pudding
36 Sesame dumpling of cherry tree bean jam
37 Seasonal ice
38 Desert assortment   +500

Spring select course
Spring select course

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