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Sor bottle

Korean dessert cafe which provides sweets which we add novel idea to Korean tradition cake and arranged in contemporary style.

10:00~21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
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Korean dessert cafe


Sor bottle HAKATA shop OPEN!!

All of you hello!

We opened on March 10 Sor bottle HAKATA shop, today!

Sor bottle is desert cafe of snow cone such as Snow Powder from Korea♡

Feature fuwaffuwana milk ice; as for the appearance
It is very cute, and we shine, and there is no SNS in mistake!

In addition, "Matcha cherry tree Sor bottle is now on sale only in period of 3/10 - 4/8, too"!

It is springlike product which ice of sakuramochi taste and refined Matcha matched♡

And shop is limited to HAKATA! Of precedent sale
"Soybean flour shake series is now on sale, too"!

It is release today, but is already quite popular♡
It is Good!! on health and skin in being shake of soybean flour

As is refreshed, and is easy to drink, please try; o(^-^)o

When you come to HAKATA, Sor bottle HAKATA shop, please♡