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AMU B1F / Korean dessert cafe

Sor bottle

Korean dessert cafe which provides sweets which we add novel idea to Korean tradition cake and arranged in contemporary style.

From 10:00 to 21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
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Korean dessert cafe


Melon series release to form a circle!

All of you, hello♡
It is news of product of release from tomorrow!

We hold "melon Festival" only in period of from Wednesday, June 20 to the end of July tomorrow!
Three kinds of melon Sor bottles come up how this year★

It is (#^^#) in limited number of one early

Ice of Sor bottle is ・・ in cute appearance that it was said that it is perfectly round properly♡
It is refreshing, pretty Sor bottle that wet feeling vanishes!

Melon pick of K-POP idol "ASTRO" of Sor bottle advertisement model comes, too♡

In fun♪