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Shopping center where individual 200 or more specialty stores including restaurant zone "City Dining Kooten" largest in high sensitive Clothing, service, Japan gather including "Tokyu Hands" and next-generation cinema complex "T-JOY Hakata." Regardless of man and woman, we suggest new discovery to every lifestyle in every generation.


It is sensitive to trend and suggests lifestyle toward customer of layer as facilities with "discovery that is new even if it is fun and comes when even if we come when" in the wide generation to enjoy consumption at good-quality time.


Restaurant zone largest in Japan where well-known store of each places of the whole country and familiar shop 45 stores of local HAKATA gather meets the scene of every "meal". In space with "nature, view, a space", please enjoy food culture only by HAKATA.


About 10,000 pieces of opening-like Roof Garden which was colored by tile image which give glory to seasonal flower and wall surface. The ways of enjoying Observatory which can overlook Fukuoka city and your trips including Tsubame Mini Train that Railroad Shrine watching security, child can play are various.


It is constitution in five unique zones including "souvenir thing City ground" where specialties of HAKATA gathered "HAKATA slight intoxication street" which wants to drop in at "HAKATA Noodle Street" and work return that were particular about noodles.