JRJP Hakata Building shop & restaurant

JRJP Hakata Building Wednesday, April 27 grand opening! We are connected directly with JR HAKATA CITY on underground passage and the second-floor deck.

List of shops

It is 300 steps of bystreets from B1F Station

  • 300 steps of bystreets are just right from station, but are the first. Around 300 steps are just right if we walk while being wondering whether to eat what. Around 300 steps are just right if we go to station for slight intoxication. Well-known store which anyone recognized, popular shops gathered in bystreet of such a just right HAKATA. In Lunch, it is just right for job return this and that to have of one cup lightly to taste delicious thing. Oh, just right thing is the happiest.
  • [beef tongue] HAKATA verbal shot

    It is eating a food with great relish to beef tongue.
    We thoroughly enjoy taste and the softness that let you mature.


    Number of the seats/57 seats


  • [udon bar] Fukuoka-ya (two ○ Chosuke Kaya sisters shop)

    Always sake 20 kinds or more.
    New bar of "sake X udon."


    Number of the seats/42 seats


  • [we have roast] grilled torino eight soldier of the Imperial Guard HAKATA shop

    Pride is pork back ribs of unrivaled article.
    HAKATA style which the world pays attention to.


    Number of the seats/42 seats


  • [seafood bar] Nagahama fresh fish wholesale shop HAKATA fish assistant (hakatauosuke)

    Only by Nagahama fresh fish wholesale
    Freshness and the volume are nice.


    Number of the seats/28 seats


  • [yakiniku] NIKUYAKI Benjamin (meat fried Benjamin)

    We are particular about taste,
    Store specializing in beef dishes.

    Time/lunch 11:30-14:30, night 17:00-24:00 (weekdays), 11:00-24:00 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration)

    Number of the seats/21 seats


  • [Hakata Bistro Takenoya] bisutorojidorino HAKATA shop

    In wine-rich Spanish Bar,
    We enjoy "lord of a manor chicken" (jitokko).

    Time/lunch 11:00-15:00, night 16:30-24:00 (from Monday to Friday), 11:00-24:00 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration)

    Number of the seats/34 seats


  • [deep-fried skewers] hit deep-fried skewers corner; Shirasukujira

    While enjoying seasonal deep-fried skewers,
    We stand a little and drink.

    Time/lunch 11:30-15:00, night 17:00-24:00 (weekdays), 11:30-24:00 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration)

    Number of the seats/60 seats


  • [Hakata Specialty Motsunabe Shoraku] Hakata Specialty Motsunabe Shoraku, HAKATA dishes Kazuyoshi

    Original of "roasting Hakata Specialty Motsunabe Shoraku,"
    As for the good quality horn taste in habit.


    Number of the seats/70 seats


  • [gyoza] HAKATA mouthful gyoza Yao man

    In brand-new skin,
    Thick meat juices of black pork are plentiful.

    Time/11:30-23:00 (Sun - Thu, days before holidays), 11:30-24:00 (Friday and Saturday)

    Number of the seats/26 seats


  • [Italian] pittsueriadagaetano

    Shop which Italian well-known store "da Gaetano" recognized alone in the world

    Time/16:30-23:30 (weekdays), 11:00-23:30 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration)
    ※It is closed every Tuesday

    Number of the seats/41 seats


1F shop & restaurant

  • [seafood bar] river monster

    Of squid give life; structure X
    Selected sake.

    Time/lunch 11:00-14:30, night 17:00-22:30

    Number of the seats/51 seats


  • [cafe] Starbucks

    In relaxing space,
    Discerning coffee.


    Number of the seats/66 seats


  • [convenience store] Lawson JRJP HAKATA shop

    Healthy station of gusset.

    Time/open 24 hours


2F shop & restaurant

  • [French] my French HAKATA

    First-class cook shows the skill,
    "Mine" series.

    Time/lunch 11:30-15:00, night 17:00-22:00 (weekdays), 11:30-22:00 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration)

    Number of the seats/188 seats


  • [Printing service] Kinko's JRJP HAKATA shop

    I want slightly! I want immediately! We print this.

    Time/8:00-20:00 (weekdays), 10:00-19:00 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration)


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