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[adult private supplementary school] Sixth "Yanagiya wasabi one-person show" to take its ease at night

We want to enjoy rakugo more casually!
JR HAKATA CITY to send to such adults "take the ease at night;."
The sixth is up-and-coming young comic story teller with "Shoten" young person Ogiri championship experience, appearance of Yanagiya (willow) wasabi!

[the date]
Monday, August 6

The 19:00 start [the 18:30 opening]

JR HAKATA CITY 9F JR Kyushu Hall foyer

[ticket rate]
Day of booking \ 2,000/ 2,500 yen
80 seats-limited (all seat freedom)
※Entrance of preschool child is impossible

[ticket sale date]
Wednesday, June 6

[the ticket handling]
Ticket PIA [P cord] 487-544
Lawson ticket [L cord] 82187

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