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[about approach to prevention of new coronavirus infection spread in JR HAKATA CITY]

We do the following approaches to have customer do shopping and eating and drinking in peace in this museum.

■The infectious disease prevention and approach of prevention of infection spread
* Employee who is poor in physical condition does not go to the office.
* Employee wears mask.
* We take in regular fresh air and ventilate.
* We carry out periodical patrol sterilization such as handrail or doorknob.
* We install finger antiseptic solution in entrance.
* We install shield for prevention of spray scattering in some stores.
* There is store having to wait for entering a shop in rush hours.
* We install social distance mark in the neighborhood of cash register.
* We use carton (cash tray) for delivery of money and card.
* We cancel offer of sampling sampling for the time being.
* We cancel tag up for the time being except some stores.
* We reduce bench of break space.
* We use jet towel for customer and stop.
* We will cancel various events for the time being.

■Request to customer having you visit
* Please visit mask after wearing. (there is store declining entering a shop of customer that mask is not worn.)
* Please refrain from visit of customer who is poor in physical condition.
* Please sterilize finger at the time of visit at entrance.
* I would like securing of social distance in hall.
* Please refrain from long-time stay in break space. The staff may call.
* We recommend the cashless settlement.

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