Press Releases

This year held decision! Approximately 800,000 pitches of magnificent illuminations "town, HAKATA of light" Thursday, November 8, 2018 lighting!
In noh stage where the JR HAKATA station square is magnificent! JR HAKATA CITY traditional entertainment picture scroll 2018 "*" holding
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET October held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
It is news of Hours shortening from Tuesday (holiday) on closed day setting of some facilities and January 1, 2019
T-JOY Hakata "Dolby Cinema" (Dolby cinema) autumn of 2018 introduction decision!
News of the eighth impression service contest JR HAKATA CITY meet holding
News that is held in HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET September! We focus on seasonal ingredients "ginger" and "pear" this time!
Participation type gospel event largest in Kyushu is held in HAKATA this year! Aim! Seoul voice "Kyushu gospel Festival 2018in HAKATA" of 2,000 people
Roar liquor shop X kuuten's first collaboration! We hold in JR Kyushu Hall foyer on Monday (holiday) on "SAKE A GOGO" September 17!
Advantageous 910 yen, 9,100 yen menu and collaboration menu between well-known stores come up for a limited time! "kuuten Manns" holding!
Summer AMU HAKATA meets all of you in hall of one color of image character "Kazuya Kamenashi" of the seventh anniversary!
Price down that is highest possible this summer in the last! It is held in "THE LAST BARGAIN" JR Kyushu Hall (JR HAKATA CITY 9F)
Opening specialty store "PALETAS" (Pare TASS) and store specializing in fresh cream "milk" (milk) of frozen fruit bar for a limited time!
News of Hours shortening accompanied with Friday, July 6 heavy rain
We hold grand "HAKATA summer festival" in the JR HAKATA station square for three days on Sunday for from Friday, August 17 to 19th!
News of officer system change
It is started at 10:00 on sale Friday, June 29 of AMU&AMUEST summer by ...! Holding simultaneous as for the clearance of ... HAKATA Hankyu summer! ...
Decision this year held "the sixth JR HAKATA CITY school!" Saturday, June 23 - participation application start!
Store specializing in popular ochazuke is Kyushu first branch! "Ochazuke weather that is luxury to be crowded, and to take its ease." It is opened by the first floor of the Hakata Deitos basement HAKATA Rrestaurant!
We participate in "light down campaign" that Ministry of the Environment carries out
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET June held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
Firefly admiration, observation society holding that firefly flies about in RF "Tsubama-No-Mori-Hiroba" this year!
"F:BOOK Store in AMU Season2" opening for a limited time! Shop & brand embodying in now of ... Fukuoka flocks! ...
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET April held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
It is the first among Kyushu! Opening "Nakamura Keith Haring Museum X Brooklyn low Sting company" museum popup shop in Amu est for a limited time!
We update the consecutively best sales amount for number of the general condition report record high entering a building people and six years in JR HAKATA CITY 2017!
Held Kazuya Kamenashi appears in the opening ceremony as surprise guest in "D of the seventh anniversary of the AMU HAKATA opening of business" in Yafuoku! Dome!
*kenshimbunshashusai "the 20th (2017) developer award & tenant award" "developer award whom tenant chose" AMU PLAZA HAKATA is decided in consecutive fighting spirit prize receiving a prize and associate grand prix for six years
Three days ... "Kyushu sake brewery biraki 2018" thoroughly enjoying 19 ... Kyushu selected delicious liquor of storehouse holding
Professional baseball exhibition game hosted by Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks on Tuesday, March 20 "D of the seventh anniversary of the AMU HAKATA opening of business!"
We appoint Kazuya Kamenashi as image character of the seventh anniversary of JR HAKATA CITY! It unfolds at TV-CM others, each site in the JR HAKATA CITY building and starts on ... Friday, February 23! ...
"Cherry tree illuminations" lighting-style held news
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET February held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
AMU of the seventh anniversary colors all of HAKATA in "oneself color"! ... 7amuse,7colors 7th Anniversary
Chocolate of the first landing in Japan comes up, too! Bean to Bar Chocolate of all the countries of the world gathers in Amu est 1F "Dan Delaware ion Chocolate POP UP SHOP"!
Story of 2018 Amu Hakata Valentine' s Day- love and bond―
39 chefs challenge by exquisite vegetable dish this year! The fourth kuuten No. 1 Grand Prix holding! "Vege cent Rick" that this theme made "vegetables" main ingredients!
Breaking news! JR HAKATA CITY 2018 "New Year's sale, sale"
We start at 9:30 in New Year's sale, lucky bag of Amu Amu est New Year's Day! Holding simultaneous as for the Amu the sale of simultaneous price down! Piano which Becky actually used in CM of the sixth anniversary of ... JR HAKATA CITY sells on a qualified scale!
Only authorized Santa Claus comes over in Japan! We arrive to Afternoon Tea living so that International Association of Authorized Santa Claus, The North Pole, GREENLAND, authorized Santa Claus sends apple “ of "happiness!
About enforcement of general disaster prevention drill joint on Tuesday, November 7
It is the first among Kyushu! It is holding decision in JR HAKATA CITY 9F JR Kyushu Hall for "wipe buttocks before in front of serialization conclusion size large Gintama exhibition - charge account turns around ..." from Tuesday, December 26, 2017 to Thursday, January 4, 2018!
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET October held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
"Star Wars" ground painting comes up in the HAKATA candle watching 2017 movie "Jedai of the Star Wars / last" exhibition memory JR HAKATA station square‼
Collaboration luxurious town, HAKATA illuminations of citron X light! It is decision lighting-style on Tuesday, November 14 for guest special with citron! Limited illuminations art object announcement of "citron Taro" motif!
The 2017 first half (from April, 2017 to September) general condition report AMU PLAZA HAKATA, Amu est, Hakata Deitos Deitos annex concourse, JRJP Hakata Building JR HAKATA CITY quite well sales last year ratio approximately 106% achievement!
About business on Sunday, September 17 accompanied with typhoon 18 size approach
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET September held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
Participation type gospel event largest in Kyushu is held in HAKATA this year! Sound! Seoul voice "Kyushu gospel Festival 2017 in HAKATA" of 2,000 people 
The first holding! In noh stage where the JR HAKATA station square is magnificent! "(the blue top) is held JR HAKATA CITY traditional entertainment picture scroll 2017 * - rin - bonfire noh in Aoi"
Autumn NEWSHOP! Nu is open in AMU PLAZA HAKATA in "Ann grid" & "jisutarou" September!
Sun which we do not hit to vomit on September 10! Premium one month when we celebrated kuutenno Sun! "kuuten Manns" & "kuuten shochu Manns" holding!
Quite popular plan of every year full thanks! All 50 classes, about more than 400 children participate! "The fifth JR HAKATA CITY school" opening of a school!
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET August held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
MAX80 % OFF! Price down that is highest possible this summer in the last! "THE LAST BARGAIN" holding!
Opening in "Dan Delaware ion Chocolate POP UP SHOP" Amu est for a limited time! Quite popular chocolate bar - from ... San Francisco is the Kyushu first landing! ...
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET July held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
Summer menu full of ... variety and chilly drink come up! ... City Dining Kooten is held in the summer for menu fair from Friday, July 7 to Wednesday, August 30!
Hero show holding first in RF of Hakata Station! News that is held on Sunday for hero show Saturday, July 8, nine days of the heavens!  
News of officer system change
It is hotter in sale of "AMU PLAZA HAKATA, Amu est" summer! Saturday, July 1 Becky visit event is held! It is nen eyo, summer. Of summer! HOT! BARGAIN same day start!
Machicon tenth kuuten kon Thursday, July 6 holding that Kyushu is largest, and man and woman total number 500 participate in! ... which meets you at all to eat on the Star Festival previous night of ... fate
"Fresh" market - HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET June held news by producer of ... Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
Meiji is held at 28 stores of delicious milk Festa 2017in Fukuoka kuuten, AMU PLAZA HAKATA! ... June is milk month. Special Menu using milk that Meiji is delicious offer ~
Firefly announcement of the summer feature JR HAKATA CITY breeding! ... which firefly flies about in RF "Tsubama-No-Mori-Hiroba" in ... this year
"Fresh" market - HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET May held news by producer of ... Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
Shop & brand embodying in now of ... Fukuoka is flock ... "F:BOOK Store in AMU" opening for a limited time! Collaboration plan of AMU X popularity magazine "F:BOOK"
... new generation (nyujienereshon) heroes gather in HAKATA! ... "ultra man new generation world in JR HAKATA CITY" April 29 (Sat, celebration) - Sunday, May 7 holding!
It is 300 steps of bystreet ... special plan of the first anniversary from ... JRJP Hakata Building & Station! Present which No. 1 popular menu loaded with array & "can" of the first anniversary apology
It is record ... with update and the number of the people of record-high entering a building of sales amount consecutively best in JR HAKATA CITY 2016 in general condition report ~5 year
It is opened on "NAO cafe of kompeito cafe" Friday, April 7 by AMU PLAZA HAKATA B1F!
Form ... of stricken area support that JR HAKATA CITY thinks about from held ... Kumamoto earthquake occurrence for one year for Kumamoto support project DEAR from Friday, April 14 to Sunday, May 7
Three days ... "Kyushu sake brewery biraki 2017" thoroughly enjoying 21 ... Kyushu selected delicious liquor of storehouse holding
It is opened on "bakery Mutsu or temple cafe" Wednesday, April 5 by AMU PLAZA HAKATA 5F! Cafe juxtaposition new business condition store ... of store specializing in bread proud of popularity in ... Fukuoka, Yakuin
7 stores open in Hakata Deitos eating and drinking zone at the same time on Wednesday, April 5! Bali horse shop that by large-scale renewal that it becomes ... eight years since the last in HAKATA is large concentration ...
Woodwork Festival in JR HAKATA CITY from Saturday, March 18 to 19th Sunday holding of Haru Okawa! Household furniture production place Okawa-shi of the best ~ in Japan and collaboration event ~ of JR HAKATA CITY
It is opened on "meat artisan indulgence in happy-go-lucky talk" (we are to sea bream carrying meat and take our ease) Friday, March 17 by Hakata Deitos B1F!
AMUversary memory special comedy live is held in the JR HAKATA station square on Sunday, March 12!
AMUversary renewal followup! "MAISON DE REEFUR" (maison Dolly fur) new business condition shop opens on Wednesday, April 19!
Vote from customer of ... approximately 3,000 votes determines the grand prix at last! ... third kuuten No. 1 Grand Prix championship store is decided by "yakiniku champion"!
TV CM of AMUversary HAKATA - Becky appointment, it is finally completed! OA starts on Friday, February 24!
Opening in "scissors store" Amu est 1F for a limited time! Pottery, maker or Interior Accessories representing ... Hasami are flock ... in Hakata Station
"Fresh" market HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET Thursday, February 16 - 18 Saturday held news by producer of Kyushu of "delicious" "smile!"
Anniversary festival AMUversary HAKATA ... AMU which continues opening of JR HAKATA CITY
We double AMUversary HAKATA! (by) appoint Becky as BECKY advertisement model! Take a picture is Leslie key
We update degree (single Mo) sales amount record high in AMU PLAZA HAKATA December!
JR HAKATA CITY 2017 "New Year's sale, sale" breaking news!
Amu Amu est TRY THE New Year's sale! New Year's Day 9:30 start! It is me to win fortune (clothes)! It is orchid with simultaneous price down of more than 15000 lucky bags and approximately 200 shops right now! It is try! It is tackle!
In a limited quantity! It is familiar in Gion, Hakata sedge hat with ornaments! Hakata doll Santa Claus limited sale of HAKATA puppeteer, Makoto Nakamura Takashi produce!
Visitor - Santa Claus from ... Finland Santa Claus village comes over to Christmas market!
The first holding! Workshop of Thu & rush gathers in Hakata Station RF! Autumn woodwork Festival holding by Okawa-shi!
Winter charming sights of ... Fukuoka! Town, HAKATA holding of ... Christmas market in light to be able to come across home Europe from station in five seconds!
News (Amu est, Hakata Deitos, JRJP Hakata Building) of suspension of business accompanied with blackout
Town, HAKATA 2016 lighting-style Thursday, November 10 holding of light! Special guest "Mika Nakashima" appearance!
Matchmaking spot with torii of ... Torikai Hachiman shrine as motif is ... Fukuoka first to go out shop appearance, too! Torikai Hachiman shrine X Felicia (Felicia) collaboration shop
It is opened on Saturday, October 1 by new business condition ... "shop of Mikadukiya cutlet sandwich" DEITOS 1F Ippin-Dori Street of well-known store "Mikadukiya" of ... croissant!
Working "popondetta Kyushu railroad Festival 2016" of railroad temporary in pleasure, attractive flock, popular train "asoboi" from Saturday, October 8 to 10th Monday (holiday) three days-limited holding!
News of great harvest festival holding of "fresh" market "HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET" of "delicious" "smile" autumn by producer of Kyushu
Sound! Participation type gospel event largest in Seoul voice "Kyushu gospel Festival 2016 in HAKATA" of 1,000 people Kyushu does in HAKATA this year!
Sun which we do not hit to vomit on September 10! We hold "kuuten Manns" for one month when discerning menus of well-known store assemble in full force for limited number of 910 yen, 9,100 yen to celebrate kuutenno Sun!
Figure popularity painter "Junnichi Nakahara" and JR HAKATA CITY are collaboration magazine soreiyuo hand to invite the 70th anniversary to from ゝ me - foundation of a periodical to dress stylishly, and to expand to cause ... HAKATA de soreiyu happiness
The Fukuoka's first landing! Mobile baseball theme park "MLB special first-run showing 2016" is held in the JR HAKATA station square!
... line inevitable popular shop appears in AMU PLAZA HAKATA! New sense collaboration shop "TOY BOX by Hybrid Mind Market" of ... animation X Clothing is Kyushu first appearance!
The first holding! It is camped in Tsubama-No-Mori-Hiroba by D! "Can learn", and and "eat" is JR HAKATA CITY in experience which "seem to arrive" ...; ...
The Kyushu's first landing! Opening casual American dining & sports bar "HOOTERS" from United States Florida in the JR HAKATA station square for a limited time!
MAX80%OFF! The this summer last highest possible price down! "THE LAST BARGAIN" holding!
Quite popular plan of every year full thanks! The fourth JR HAKATA CITY school opening of a school!
News of Eat, and Energize the East X JR HAKATA CITY X cafe company Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction aid event second Kumamoto producer matching business talk society holding and offer of producer, buyer
Takakura Hotel Fukuoka woman chef Kei Funaki demonstration! Let's feel cool air which is chilly with sculpture of ice to be!
The JR Hakata City's first overseas sale event! It is exhibition ... in ... "KYUSHU MARCHÉby JR HAKATA CITY" in Kuala Lumpur
News of officer system change
Large quality sake brewed from the finest rice of ... illusion and one dish of discerning mariaju! "It consumes otter festival X" fair that ... kuutenno 39 store becomes full of otter festival!
The hall of ... JR HAKATA CITY AMU&AMU EST summer sale advertisement ~ Amu in rugby ground? We pay attention to performance of Kyushu Sangyo Univ. girl rugby club instruction!
Product sale booth of ... Kumamoto, Aso district comes up in JR HAKATA CITY about approach to ... JR HAKATA CITY Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction aid for a limited time!
Firefly announcement of ... summer feature JR HAKATA CITY breeding that firefly flies about in RF "Tsubama-No-Mori-Hiroba" in ... this year!
... and "we eat in HAKATA support in Kumamoto!" Kumamoto producer matching business talk society emergency holding with ... Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction aid event sampling
Eat taste of Nagashima of ingredients treasure house of mountains and seas including culture yellowtail and red earth potato of held ‼ - Nihonichi by kuuten X Nagashima "Nagashima fair"; at all! ...
It is the first among Kyushu! It is come up by "mer" exclusive belonging model Chie Tsuji Amu est! Lovely o dispatch ♡ Amu est X mer of HAKATA
"Edge child limited store of glass" of the tenth anniversary of "Rascal shop" and the legend club is opened at the same time by Amu est!
Because of market ~ HAKATA FARMERS' MARKET favorable reception of "virginity" by producer of ~ Kyushu "delicious" "smile", we hold regularly this year in the JR HAKATA station square!
Of age ... opening HAKATA of the second opening of business wait; is the first floor of AMU PLAZA basement renewal under the theme of ... "rich meal of Kyushu, HAKATA"
We record all 6 general condition report facilities record high sales amount in JR HAKATA CITY 2015!
... approximately 500 kinds, rose of 2,000 bowls do in HAKATA! ... Kyushu rose festival 2016 holding
News of board member officer system change
15 selected sake breweries of ... Kyushu and delicious snack are flock - "Kyushu sake brewery biraki 2016" holding
... JR HAKATA CITY RF Tsubama-No-Mori-Hiroba - firefly discharge society holding
Shop "apple apple pudding SHOP IN AMUEST" for a limited time
Jack in "circle of the fifth anniversary" JR HAKATA CITY building!
Mother urgent next fortune of Sunday, February 14 ultra! We get Valentine chocolate from mother of ultra♡
It is 300 steps of bystreets from JRJP Hakata Building commercial zonal Wednesday, April 27 opening of business Station
Town ... - AMU PLAZA HAKATA renewal summary - of age ... opening HAKATA of ... JR HAKATA CITY 5th ANNIVERSARY - second opening of business

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