Privacy Policy

We act as JR HAKATA CITY (we say "us" as follows) for protection of personal information based on the following policy to observe model of laws and ordinances about personal information protection and Other, and to plan the appropriate use and management of personal information.

Basic policy about protection of personal information

We recognize importance of personal information protection and it is social duty to protect personal information and deals with personal information appropriately by observing the following matters.

Collection and the use of personal information  

We collect after our obtaining customer's consent in the case of collection of personal information, and having performed notice, public announcement of the handling policy to accomplish purpose to advocate below.

(the main use purpose)

  • Reporting about various event services in commercial facilities (we say "our facilities" as follows) which we and we run
  • Improvement of correspondence about opinion, question, en quete which I received from customer and our facilities, service
  • Prize, notices such as election, adoption such as work open calls for participants of person, offer of prize, reward, correspondence about plan, administration of event
  • Application confirmation and various guidance when we use event space (hall, meeting room) that we run
  • Registration confirmation of membership system service in our facilities and offer of service, information
  • Investigation about market trend about our facilities
  • Contact and our adoption duties management to adoption applicant
  • Management that is necessary in notice of find, emergency contact, inquiry, Other duties

The use of personal information is 

As a general rule, we will not disclose personal information that had you provide us to third party without agreement of customer.
But we may tell company which made a contract containing confidentiality about information to provide from us including non-disclosure agreement about personal information of customer as far as we are necessary for the achievement of the use purpose. In addition, we may disclose when it is demanded based on laws and ordinances from public institution without obtaining customer's consent.

Management of personal information 

We prevent leak of personal information by maintaining the system in the company, and planning safety management. In addition, we teach to do appropriate management for trust of personal information and will supervise.

Inquiry window of personal information 

We establish the following "consultation desks of personal information of customer" and cope about disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information that I received from customer, inquiry about suspension.

(consultation desk of personal information of customer)
Phone number 092-441-5941 (weekdays 9:00-17:30)

Revision of this policy 

We may revise all or a part of this policy. In that case, we will tell in our website.

(February 1, 2020 revision)