Privacy Policy

We have you read these terms well before using this site that JR HAKATA CITY (following, we) runs and hope that you use after agreement.
I'm very sorry, but please refrain from the use by any chance when you cannot agree.
When you use, it should be thing which had you agree to all the following conditions.
In addition, we will note that we may change contents of this site and privacy policy without notifying beforehand.

Basic policy about protection of personal information

We recognize importance of personal information protection and it is social duty to protect personal information and deals with personal information appropriately by observing the following matters.

The observance of model of laws and ordinances about protection of personal information and Other

In the case of collection of personal information, we identify use purpose as much as possible and deal with personal information as far as we identified. In addition, it prevents you from spoiling profit of the person by taking appropriate procedure according to fate such as laws and ordinances when we offer personal information to third party.

Use purpose of personal information

We use personal information of customer who had you register in this site for the purpose of next.
(1)For confirmation that registered personal information is thing of the person
(2)For information about this site, information for service
(3)In the case of carrying out, perform present campaign; and for successful notice to elected candidate, information for shipment procedure
(4)For e-mail magazine delivery to introduce information of AMU PLAZA HAKATA considered to be useful for personal information registrant and JR HAKATA CITY, Other service to

Unauthorized access to personal information, prevention of leak of personal information

We prevent leak of personal information by maintaining the system in the company, and planning safety management. In addition, we teach to do appropriate management for trust of personal information and supervise. In addition, we manage about information of e-mail addresses severely and use for information for campaign service by e-mail magazines, but cancel information immediately if there is request from registrant.

Quick correspondence for inquiry

We cope with inquiry from the person about personal information adequately and quickly.

Seiichiro Watanabe

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