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It is not only outdoor Field and renews in daily more fashionably more!

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Compact jacket♪

Everybody hello!

In addition, fine weather seems to continue and seems to become hot>_ <)
More comfortable! We do not seem to become temperature to think of this (laugh)

We introduce outer of Men's Wear today.

(height: 167cm wearing size: M)

◇ZBH028J STEPJUMP 28,080 yen (tax-included)
◇ZCHH433 AUNYSHIRT 12,960 yen (tax-included)
◇ZHH015J CLIMB 15,120 yen (tax-included)
◇ZOHT031 LONABAY 9,612 yen (tax-included)

Material uses nylon material of cotton touch with dry,
Even if it drizzles as it is durability water-repellent processing, we are stouthearted!

Design is based on military jacket,
It is the finish which 4 pockets of front panel attach patch pocket to the backside, and is light!

When back has fastener, but open it; ...

We become able to store the body and become so compact!

When we carry, it is compact and is convenient♪

Color is two colors, and another one color is DARK NAVY!
(staff wearing color is NILE BLUE)

Person who is looking for slightly thin outer
Please see by all means in our restaurant.

AIGLE club existing member
It is during outer 10% OFF fair holding in shop!

Privilege (annual convention costs, registration costs for free) of member

・The points collect at the time of shopping
・You can use point for shopping more than tax-excluded 5,000 yen at 500 ends
・We invite to secret event and limited sale
・We present the attributive point to be able to use for birth Mo

Customer who does not finish registration
Please enroll at this opportunity!

It is all the staff by visit of everybody
We look forward.

We are updating AIGLE formula blog!