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Atmos pink

"Let's move the body. Let's enjoy music, art, Clothing! And let's discover oneself new!"
Sneakers & apparel shop which proposes new LIFE STYLE specialized in woman.

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Logo embroidery BIC T-shirt

It is atmos pink HAKATA shop

Embroidery of heart-shaped atmos pink logo in the chest
It is BIC T-shirt of point.
It was simple, but it was said that embroidery of the chest was soft and full
With solidity make; of presence there is
We are designed.
It is dress-style with one piece for BIC silhouette
When we wear lightly and put belt in WEST
It becomes style up.
Street style tosses person you like
Loose bottoms alignment is recommended!

M.L Become 2 size development; in preference and figure
We can have you choose in total.

tel 092-292-0310
We look forward to visit.