AMU 6F/shoes


It is comfortable German brand which wears, and realizes feeling which is hard to be worn-out after having walked for a long time.

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The latest introduction

It is hello Birkenstock.

Ventilation is good, and feel says at this time to feel the summer arrival and is useful for linen dress. Though we love, we often look young and are apt to become feminine…

Such a trouble can dissolve in [Yala] with oriental atmosphere and is recommended◎

Feel of a material of oiled leather, braided belt
Of this season when delicate technique worked casually please try [Yala]!
We look forward to your visit.

[brand name] Yala
[KOLOR] Oil de Havana
[size] 35-40 (22.5cm - 26.0cm)
[price] 22,000 yen (tax-included)