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It is shop handing down brand story born from craftsman ship of British brand to customer.

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Constant seller of DRAKE'S! Introduction of grenadine Thailand!

Hello, everyone.

Thank you for always using BRITISH MADE.

Now, today is item speaking of de lake. Of grenadine Thailand hope to introduce!

・Silk Thailand (grenadine)   PRICE19, 440 yen (tax-included)

Elegance that unique luster brings on is Nara of DRAKE'S of Thailand.
You can use from jakepansutairu to casual style widely.
Wearing rate is the highest, and even the staff of our restaurant becomes recommended item toward the DRAKE'S beginner.

As you are built up carefully one by one by British expert craftsman, take in hand by all means
It is product which we want to have.

As color is prepared abundantly, please find one of the favorites.

We look forward to your visit.


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