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makarasuta which suggests good-quality dailyware

All of you hello.
Thank you for you always seeing the staff blog.

As for Fukuoka, hot Sun continues from emergency declaration cancellation day after day.
Record 30 doetsu eo yesterday, and already jump over spring; and summer
It became enough climates to feel.

We introduce good-quality summer dailyware to enjoy such a hot Sun to the maximum today!

MACALASTAIR-KNIT POLO makarasutanittoporo
19,800 yen (tax-included)

Very popular knit polo increases new color this year and is received last year.

Dough changes a little from last year, and is hygroscopic, is use in 100% with merino wool superior in volatility, ability for deodorization.
We realized higher comfort last year by adopting garter stitch that reduced tread with similar skin.

We do shellfish button and need button, and there is dress-like impression a little than casual wear.

Popular collar band does not change last year, to inner for jacket
Even business seems to be useful to be usable.

It is this successively

WOOL POCKET T-SHIRT wool pocket T-shirt
9,900 yen Japanese yen (tax-included)

Similarly there is pocket T of 100% of popular wool last year.
Length gets longer a little in comparison with model of last year, trendy tuck-in
In nadomoshiyasui specifications.
It is good nickname with jacket because we use merino wool characterized by the shinier surface.

These items introduce even Instagram.
Please contact the staff for the details casually.


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Account name: britishmade_hakata


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Our restaurant has makarasuta in product lineup which is the best in Fukuoka and performs sale of comment model as shop of import sole agent, original service.