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Good evening everybody!

You always see blog, and thank you very much.

Heat and cold difference of the night and day is big; nowadays. It still gets cold in morning and evening, but there is a little less than 30 degrees Celsius Sun in the daytime, too and.
What do all of you match with foot?
Step greatly changes every season.

Loafers are quite popular in this time, British maids!
We introduce "HUDSON" of popular model whom I wear from CHEANEY this time!

HUDSON/HUDSON (leather sole, calf) 74,800 yen (tax-included)

This HUDSON which it is located in the loafers lineup of CHEANEY if the classic.
As we use the last for exclusive use of loafers, we wear with thing developed with loafers and resemblance of other brands and touch difference in feeling and fitting feeling!

What kind of image do you have to all of you loafers?
There is not Shoo lace and must wear at size of bittabita. Leather causes shoe sore firmly.
We feel that there are many negative voices.

However, HUDSON of CHEANEY is different!
Design that is relatively wide at the last for exclusive use of loafers. We are suitable for breadth that is common in Japanese!
We wear myself on store and holiday, but we are familiar so as to wear if we wear and feel easily!

In addition, the feature of leather shoes of CHEANEY are that leather is softer than leather of other brands. There are few firm painful states before wearing, and being familiar!

We offer HUDSON with type 3 of Mocha and mink suede.

Please see model to match your styling by all means!
Classify play into a feeling of omission, styling of step with loafers. Let's get over hot summer!


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