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We suggest handmade items full of warm and gentleness mainly bags which get even more attractive used for a long time and leather accessories products. Even if holding of mini-studio and event felt writer close comes whenever, we send pleasure to be excited at.

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Bag, leather accessories
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Surely we are surprised when we opened wallet!

Hello! It is closet♪

We introduce popular breast wallet for many years today in our restaurant.

brand: TIDEWAY
price: \15,000+tax

Cowhide (Himeji leather) use.
As we process cowhide which let oil soak with exclusive machine softly,
It is easy to be familiar very much and is finished.

The biggest charm of this wallet,
Even if say anything; gaba and large-capacity coin purse which opens!

It is very popular when easy to look for,
Fall in love with this usability at first sight
We are popular so that a lot of people purchasing are broken☆

In addition, as there are 16 card pocket, too,
Card is recommended to many people♪

Breast wallet which is available regardless of age or sex,
How about being examined in present?

You can see all four-colored now at store☆
We actually pick up, and please see by all means!