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It is used habitually in the above-mentioned hair salon in 90 countries <davinesu>. We are particular about manufacturing in consideration for people and environment.

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Hair care product, cosmetics
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<davinesu> The big bottle release of popular series

Hello, it is Italian hair care brand <davinesu>.
From popular luster hair care series, advantageous big bottle will come up!

[sale period]
From Wednesday, September 16 to Thursday, October 15

◆Hey, shampoo is professional
  1,000 mL/7,590 yen (tax-included)

◆Hey, conditioner is professional
  1,000 mL/10,450 yen (tax-included)

In addition, it releases limited kit of the series at the same time.
Hair milk of typing comes spray which is fresh and young to "hair butter hey" of popular NO.1 in hair mask section!
As for the hair which was dry if used with set to point of a brush smoothly.

◆Hey, special treatment kit 4,070 yen (tax-included)
 ・Hey, it is hair butter/250 mL
 ・Hey, it is milk/50 mL

※As number includes limit, it becomes the end as soon as it disappears.

We look forward to your visit.