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We send unique, sweet cosmetic item to concept in "playing by make".

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New product skin care

Liquid cosmetics "ACC medical use akunejieru" of unregulated drug approaching cause of pimple intensively comes up at last!

゜, *:. which is liquid cosmetics for pimple care of prescription good to Japanese skin as it is Japan-limited release .❁

We take dirt of unnecessary keratin and pore well, and beautiful skin can be regulated well♡
Moisture keeps well that sebum is to control and holds down stickiness of skin♡

As it is jumpsuit, we can care for even busy Sun easily♪

** which we can provide a multi-care for in one of this as we can use for not only pimple of face but also pimple of neck and back

It is let's # pimpleless skin now in ACC medical use akunejieru! !!

As it is in store and offers tester, please try♪
^^ which looks forward to visit♪