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We develop daily use item for "comfort" "immutability" adult woman who can arrest flow in the times while always having wide viewpoint in Keyword in "it is functional".

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We take our ease and enjoy! "Bottoms" that E dicare is nice

Hello, everybody!

Not only cut-and-sew but also "bottoms" has good thing which can care at home because it is time to sweat!

It was simple and collected only worn bottoms this time!

▼Mud strike pants

As these pants controlling ON/OFF styling are polyester materials, it is hard to get wrinkled!

In addition, item which is the best even if feel that is dry touch will turn from now on in coming summer◎

▼Ra get rib tight skirt

Tight skirt of rib material that a feeling of shikkarimeno dough is nice.

Is the surface such as knit, but simplicity of 100% cotton. Hand-washing is OK at home!

Healthy styling of T-shirt X sandals is recommended in the summer!

▼Avian comb on twill jumpsuit

Beautiful silhouette with a feeling of omission keeps while being a feeling of smooth dough.

The stretch nature that avian comb on material that came out of the latest technology is moderate and good point of comfort are charm.

Of course it is most suitable as housedress as it is hard to get wrinkled!

▼SLIT pants

Stretch material postponed till length and breadth stands, and seat ttarimo is easy!

For casual point to be able to see properly although center press-style stitch is rough, and to do.

Wearing that is stylish with shirt is recommended this year◎

We carry out bay cruise point W point only in store until Sunday, May 31!

Would you like to do shopping at this opportunity?

We look forward to visit!