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We develop daily use item for "comfort" "immutability" adult woman who can arrest flow in the times while always having wide viewpoint in Keyword in "it is functional".

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Cool, comfortable "linen" item

Everybody hello!

There is much Sun becoming heat like summer recently.

We introduce linen item of FRAMe WORK one push to make an outstanding performance this time until summer!

The feature is that French linen material has good ventilation, and comfort is soft.

If slightly strong KOLOR is linen in usual material, we establish impression mild lightly.
It opens the front, and it is shirt Nara that change is added to expression when we put.

Dress of one conclusion item.

Adultness keeps in silhouette and round heme, stand-up collar spreading gently.
Linen and both good elements of shirt are items which they packed.

How about?

Please check if interested.