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We develop daily use item for "comfort" "immutability" adult woman who can arrest flow in the times while always having wide viewpoint in Keyword in "it is functional".

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Attention brand "NOMADIS/nomadisu"

All of you, hello.
It is usable in reply today in season,
We introduce recommended bag.

Attention brand [NOMADIS/ nomadisu],
"Cheap chic" and mind to "Rich"
Brand which team which produced A VACATION from such thought created.

New work "BETTY" comes up this time!

Fringe becoming step is shaking, design with full of expressions rhythmically.
It is slim and is compact, but can arrange for styling in total as we change into silhouette with three-dimensional movement when we change charge account position of snap button of the inside!

Design that "GHANA" of the other model made chocolate bar motif.
As it is unborn calf material, he/she takes out Accent for coordinates!
We show cute hue of autumn-like taking in advance!

How about?
Please see by all means at store!
All the staff look forward to your visit.