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We develop daily use item for "comfort" "immutability" adult woman who can arrest flow in the times while always having wide viewpoint in Keyword in "it is functional".

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Women's Wear
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Daily closing perfect gem which fits the present feeling

Now that passage of times changed.
We introduce daily closing perfect gem snuggling up to today's us.

Pants which we sewed in polyester material.
For a feeling of usable dough, it is indispensable as daily closing throughout the year.

Simple basic dress which mix-and-matchs, and is worth.
Atmosphere changes by person wearing completely because you can show various expressions in +α.

Haori of "is jacket" first of all.
We update at slightly oversize like now without being scattered, and doing too much!
In FRAMeWORK, haori is adult-like to overall and camisole dress; in casual.