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We develop daily use item for "comfort" "immutability" adult woman who can arrest flow in the times while always having wide viewpoint in Keyword in "it is functional".

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Women's Wear
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Dungaree shirt and ROTHCO where control arrangement

It is available in \ 9.800+tax!
We let go through in all seasons and are indispensable in FRAMeWORK
Military jacket "of" dungaree shirt "and" "ROTHCO"

We dissect the popular secret this time!

Dungaree shirt

We have a cute silhouette when we saw from the side! Shirt which has voice in this.
Even if collar raises, we look good even if we fully pull.
By having used pearlies daringly, to dungaree shirt of adult.

Care is possible and is finished smartly at home even if it is worn-out and wears.


A feeling of well-thought size can support to pants ~ skirt widely.
And general purpose height to be usable in all seasons.
Only one enters the WEST this year, and under the T-shirt of big size as for the layered◎


Is wide from full-scale military to thing full of fashionability; "ROTHCO" with reputation
We select military jacket this year.

We realize sen iokakerukotode, a feeling of hard processing many times. We are finished in the first place like vintage more.
Even if roll up sleeve, is digested even if just wear; for wearing with feeling.

Item which grants "in" casual womanly.
Of +α of pumps and skirt take off; as position.
In what put together to hard item such as logo and Leo gone de daringly this year◎