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It is Kyushu first unisex shop of Johnbull which continues expressing new value of jeans work military dress to base by manufacturing being aware of reality and quality.

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Thank you for always using Johnbull Private labo HAKATA shop.
During period of from Friday, June 15 to Sunday, June 24, we hold POP UP SHOP of shop [POTATO MEGANE (potato glasses)] suggesting "judgment as Clothing".

We assume Yamaguchi, Fukuoka base and deal with Bespoke of glasses mainly on sale of original frame, vintage frame [POTATO MEGANE].
You can choose lenses as original frame which you selected this time for Johnbull [POTATO MEGANE] among six kinds of KOLOR lenses.
In addition, we offer comment frame of HAKATA shop-limited in particular this time.

Furthermore, you invite Hamasaki of the [POTATO MEGANE] staff for two days of from Saturday, June 23 to Sunday, June 24, and please perform suggestion, fitting of glasses which are personal.

It is in lineup that feeling goes up for that I want sunglasses, such a very much by one where glasses are looked for,, summer when it is not revealed what we should hang though we are interested. Please come to the store at this opportunity.

All the staff look forward to your visit.

All the Johnbull Private labo HAKATA shop staff