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2F / Men's / Women's Wear

Maker’s shirt Kamakura

Maker’s shirt Kamakura

We suggest shirt of "MADE IN JAPAN" which performed the manufacturing method of good-quality dough of the world in domestic factory of reliable technology.


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Men's / Women's Wear

Maker’s shirt Kamakura

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He more splendidly...Valentine gift of Kamakura shirt

All of you hello!
Is really warm today; is good; cleared up. Do you have good holiday?
Thank you very much for you seeing blog today.

It is finally another three days to big event Valentine of February!
Would you decide present yet?

One that it has not yet come...Please come to look for wonderful present to Kamakura shirt!
We offer a lot of wonderful items and bring.
Dress shirt of our restaurant, all the tie are flat, and they offer for 5,000 yen!
Even if we presented with shirt and tie and set...It becomes very affordable.


If important person is dressed splendidly in this way, does mood not rise?...?


Shirt tie for each 5,000 yen

We do not readily understand coordinates of Men's Wear...
What should combination of tie and shirt do?...
We are raising consultation of trouble more and more.


From coordination with impact, we ask about hope including chic coordination, refreshing coordination and guide.

A lot of new work tie in the spring and summer was received today, too.
Valentine gift...We are still in time!


Come to Kamakura shirt to look for gift doing the clothing of important one more splendidly by all means.

We look forward to coming of all of you.


He more splendidly...Valentine gift of Kamakura shirt

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