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NERGY proposes with new "active lifestyle" that sports melted into for daily life in concept by Clothing X sports. Comfortable, stylish Clothing which was studded with femininity and urbane ELEMENT in design while adopting good point and functionality of comfort to have of sports item.
Genuine sportswear which continues always doing innovation on the stage of the world.
As for refined Clothing and the fusion of sports to act in concert with lifestyle of Japanese woman, nu of contemporary woman is standard.

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Women's Wear
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The ALEXIA STAM X NERGY collaboration second

In NERGY, it releases the collaboration item second with brand "ALEXIA STAM" for "woman loving trip" from Thursday, May 28. (we begin to sell in online store from 21st)

Of Michiko Yamanaka called "part as for the making of body of the Clothing" design which was clogged up of thought. It is shape up in wear that "mood rises" which wants to train in daily life casually anytime for summer!

We offered tracksuit of the collaboration second with two colors of camel that was easy to put popular Leef print together to refreshing white and everyday wardrobe from "ALEXIA STAM" original print in "NERGY".

Back cut open and dried which decollete increases the Bra top for cutting of the chest looking beautiful, and is healthier is point. It is grip that is reliable for training. Tights give side that they can expect of beautiful leg effect line sequentially.

Popular big tank top with logo posted backed by logo print with the first at this time and showed casual skin of side and updated more womanfully.