DEITOS 1F/cake


Thought in form...Souvenir which added gentleness to that person!
Two crane temples where we were born and raised are kakoho which continued following "tradition" since its formation in 1952 in HAKATA.

8am - 9pm ※It may be different from mention. Please confirm at the time of visit beforehand to store.
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At last!

Assortment of woman of HAKATA
(^^)/ which came up at the ready

Six woman plane taste of HAKATA
Six woman amao strawberry milk taste of HAKATA
Six woman Yame Matcha taste of HAKATA
Six woman honey lemon taste of HAKATA

But, we enter and are tax-included 1,350 yen.
You can enjoy four kinds of taste.

As souvenir
To snacks
To that important person
Do you not try at this opportunity?

In two crane temple Deitos shop
* ttouyo ... (^ ▽ ^)/