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Under the theme of TRIP OF A LIFETIME, it is shop which we edited with function and design.

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It finally begins!
World Cup once in four years!

In addition, days not to be able to sleep begin…
What may there be much one, too?
It is a pleasure!

Yes, though we watch jitto game
It is me who am apt to miss important goal scene.

As it is that, what do you do?
Is score with entering pattern when we saw cellular phone a little? . We yield plenty.

Yes, we are going to introduce product soon.
It is introduction in series of womens of MXP FINE DRY which we introduced last time today!

At first it is this!
Even if there are several pieces of basic T-shirts, we are not in trouble.
Outstanding performance must be underwear and outer.

Next is this!
V-neck which opened moderately creates femininity more.
It looks good in the summer even if we make inner for jacket in outer, the early spring and early fall!

Type that is basic to here!
To you that next, two models to introduce want to enjoy more FINE DRY!

Then let's go!

Comfort only in FINE DRY and unhurried trendy feeling are the first place that is the best match!
It is pleasant to consider how you dress well!

It is the last in next!
Length is made longer, and with any pants affinity◎
Customer comes when we use as clothes such as yoga or gym,
It is perfect in any scene!

How about?
Feel was fluent and was superior in absorption quick-drying
sho (by staff) which becomes habit when we wear FINE DRY giving refined impression once

It has been introduced only white,
As we offer black and two colors in globewalker HAKATA shop,
Please drop in at globewalker HAKATA shop!