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New works are received every month! 100% original swimming wear.
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Shoulder bikini using velour dough!

Velour material shoulder triangle bikini

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Under quickly abroad popular boiling! Shoulder bikini using velour dough!
Velour to have a rich feeling of raising and glossiness that color changes in shadow by angle toward.
Simple presence that we did well inside. KOLOR is dasutikara of trend!
Triangle bikini solid-looking without wire! It is triangle bikini which even which has not worn triangle bikini so far can wear in peace as it is shoulder type that under has on its shoulder with pipe form.
We pay attention, and what it is healthy and can dress well in import like points ★ For cylindrical Bra, you can wear at the time of activity in peace.
As it is with pad pocket, we put pad you like, and adjustment is possible!
As it is string shorts, size adjustment is possible! We wear and are good regular length half Brazilian shorts of feeling.

Fukuoka, HAKATA district, annual resort swimming wear shop