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8F / Character goods

Pokemon center Fukuoka

Pokemon center Fukuoka

Choose here in Kyushu having Pokemon goods more than 2,500 kinds, and come true; official shop. Our lively shop has a lot of events to be able to enjoy in parent and child and service that are nice for fan.


10am - 9pm

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Character goods

Pokemon center Fukuoka

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Even if lie on the back; mer E ka!

Mer E ka new product
Hello, everybody! It is Pokemon center Fukuoka♪
We introduce part of new product which it released on Saturday, January 18 today!

Mer E ka which came up from "Pocket Monster X Y,"
Pokemon which Kojiro of rocket group caught by animated cartoon.
Where does everybody know mer E ka to?

Notebook is mer E ka, too

Mascot mer E ka 650 yen (tax-included)
Ring notebook mer E ka 500 yen (tax-included)

Is isolated in ring notebook demofuyofuyo reverse; and mer E ka!
It can be saved by fuyofuyo in the sky to swim.

It is mer E ka in size of life

Life-sized mer E ka 3,800 yen (tax-included) including sewing

Size same as Pikachu in height being 0.4m!
You hold life-sized stuffed toy, and please touch because feeling is good♪

Alarm clock is mer E ka, too

Alarm clock mer E ka 2,400 yen (tax-included)

Mer E ka swims with the second hand of clock.
Mer E ka is appearance such as squid,
In fact, "do not see"; Pokemon of type...Then there is not!
It is Pokemon of "Esper" type "having free".

Goods of mer E ka which seems to have taste still more,
Even Pokemon center Fukuoka is during great admiration release!
We wait for visit of all of you♪


Is still in time; under "Pocket Monster X Y" reservation reception desk!

X, Y reservation
Everybody hello! It is Pokemon center Fukuoka!

If, as for the hot hot summer, is coming to an end, and notice; September is the end game, too! !
Speaking of October 1 great occasion, ... will be so next month!
As for whole world waiting
It is release of "Pocket Monster X Y"! !!

Of "Pocket Monster X Y" which such a release is impatient for
We perform reservation of software now in Pokemon center☆

With "one which is not same even if reservation of software does it where"
You who think! Different! !!!!
We prepare for luxurious privilege only for Pokemon center this time!

At first of "Pocket Monster X" "Pocket Monster Y"
We appear in where either was reserved by each software
Of pattern of legendary Pokemon, "zeruneasu" "Ibe Le Tal"
We present A4 clear file and pokepuramini together☆
Reservation privilege X
Reservation privilege Y

Furthermore! We draw game freak in reserved at the same time and take down two software!
Pretty cover presents world art book of mark!

World art book

Combination of software reserving two of them is free!
Of course each privilege mentioned above comes, too!
All the reservation privileges mentioned above are reservations of Pokemon center
It is not available!

So that because privilege is in a limited quantity, reservation hastens☆

In addition, is Pokemon center; of store exchange of software, besides,
Free delivery to home is reception desk chu, too!
Everywhere in the whole country, we send with free shipping!
During reception desk period of free delivery, it is until Sunday, October 6!
Please use reservation of Pokemon center without missing this chance!


"Pocket Monster X" "Pocket Monster Y"
It is for / downloading for package

Sale date :Saturday, October 12, 2013
 Price :For each 4,800 yen (tax-included)

Reservation period: Until "store exchange" - Friday, October 11
       Until "free delivery" - Sunday, October 6


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