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It overflows with accessories parts and ribbon of the world and is shop where was totally clogged up with palpitation and kirameki like jewel box.
I make accessories with parts which had you choose at store.

From 10:00 to 21:00
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Accessories beads


Ribbon de ○○○!

Hello, ☺︎ which is mayu of Rotti

Much ribbon in pita of Rotti and sisters shop.

Though we are pretty, what shall we use for?
Bought;, yes, go, but what shall make?

Is it not trouble in this?

It is suggestion for all of such troubles!
Do you not do other than ribbon, the accessories?◎

I always perform this time
We introduce the direction for uses of ribbon♡

We make ribbon belt!

☺︎ which 2 coloration of this ribbon likes personally

\150/m +tax

And place where this direction for uses is good
As we just only bind waist with ribbon,
If thing which we want to make comes out
We transform ourselves into accessories immediately! We can do it♪

Ribbon de belt
Please try all of you♡

Ribbon becomes sale by 50cm unit.

※In shop pita where ribbon is sister,
We heard accessories order◎
Bring to pita after the purchase in Rotti.
※We have on the date.


#Anniversary of Dua and Pita

"Dua 3rd & Pita 2nd
Bon Anniversaire"

2018.7.4 Wednesday -10 Tuesday
From 11:00 to 20:00

For more details, it is check by contribution before five!



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