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General musical instruments store which suggests music and pleasure to live to total from shopping to lesson. Commencing with musical instrument sale of domestic and foreign brands, we develop music school which superior lecturers keep in, exercise studio to be able to enjoy at full blast, various events a lot.

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[7/17 Friday release] Flute "YFL-412LSE" which Shimamura Music and Yamaha had collaboration of comes up!

Flute appears for Shimamura Music and popular collaboration series of Yamaha!

"YFL-412" in model as for the model that became base made in pipe body Bank of popularity

CY head pipe

It is the easy head pipe of control that you can enjoy to anyone.
A comfortable feeling of blowing and sound rich brightly are features.

In "YFL-412LSE", lip plate is gold specification

Brought the head pipe and pipe body pipe close to tone limitlessly silver all-out that was silver, is richer; sound with warmth is charm. It is easy to put change of tone, and various expression is possible. We meet sensitive demand of player well.

Pin top arm

With cup which finger is easy to fit by round new design at right position, elegant yoropasutairu full of shadow is attractive.

The details are