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[trumpet] Bach 180ML37/25/SP is available!

Trumpet is this! There is Bach 180ML37/25/SP stock!

About Bach
Joy to have back in its hand. That is dignity, tradition, personality.
Back created trumpet, "standard of form" of trombone and let new conviction fuse while protecting that stubbornly and created sounds that nobody could imitate without by whose imitation again.

Even if blight or tone sought by dark and the times changed, in domain that human sense called the making of sound ruled over, was full of essence and and it was solid and did and was delicate and sent comfortable tone in purity.

It is basics and is first-class.

That is reason why Bach is loved by many players.

What is 180 Series?
It becomes model 180, ML boa, 37 bells, 25 mouse pipe SP (silver plate finish) to have great popularity from professional player to student, beginner widely all over the world.

It is pronoun of trumpet for standard model = professional of back having a feeling of moderate, comfortable reaction, brightness, entatsusei, resistance that dress ring (one piece collecting method bell) to be able to get the greatest best sound from and traditional high construction method bring about.

Harmony which silver finish is elegant, and is rich by calm shiny sound indulgently, and is beautiful

Maker name: Bach
Brand name: 180ML37/25/SP
The list price (include): 393,800 yen
Price (tax-included): 334,840 yen