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Manufacturing to let thing which does not mean a lot mean a lot
Special dish that Shobo-an mustard seasoned cod roe made use of egg original taste and resistance to the teeth using Hokkaido cod roe. kaya*sha soup stock of finish of chemical seasoning, preservatives no addition is vaunted article, too.

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[seasonal limitation] Sour orange ponzu vinegar appearance!

Thank you for always favoring Kuhara head family Hakata Station Deitos shop. It is blog charge Iwasaki.

Seasonally limited product comes up one after another. It is introduction of "sour orange ponzu vinegar" today.

Sour orange ponzu vinegar 200 ml 648 yen (tax-included)

This sour orange ponzu vinegar using domestic sour orange fruit juice and domestic pure rice vinegar.
In fish, it is excellent at meat nito, affinity to salad dressing.

I ate Tempura of bud of cod with sour orange ponzu vinegar!
Sweetness and acidity of sour orange ponzu vinegar were able to have bitterness peculiar to mouth nifuwa - tto expanse, bud of cod deliciously.
With ponzu vinegar seasonal with seasonal vegetables. Please appreciate!

Fruit of sour orange seems to become orange in the summer in blue, winter, and fruit is said to be fruit which is hard to fall.
Therefore it is said to be mascot continuing "from generation to generation" in Japan because one Thu has old and new fruits. It is present of celebration and product popular in return.

We offer tasting. Please try product only now.

We look forward to all the staff, visit.