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Manufacturing to let thing which does not mean a lot mean a lot
Special dish that Shobo-an mustard seasoned cod roe made use of egg original taste and resistance to the teeth using Hokkaido cod roe. kaya*sha soup stock of finish of chemical seasoning, preservatives no addition is vaunted article, too.

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Mentaiko, processed food
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Sweetness and moderate balance of acidity "fill up vinegar to take"

"Lay vinegar to take" renewed and came home while spring limited product came up one after another.
We look at plum, and cider vinegar is blended with rice vinegar of company brewing suddenly by plum fruit juice.
Using different domestic plum of a feeling of fruit juice, we finish in clean taste that refreshing sweetness and acidity of plum can enjoy.

<spring limitation> Fill up vinegar to take; 200 ml of 1,188 yen (tax-included)

Then we introduce recommended recipe.

[break] (vinegar 1 which 4 times dilution Wed 3 drinks)
You mix with Wed and soda, milk in favorite deepness, and please have.
With soda is particularly recommended to refreshing plum.

It is] for [
It is available to de les thing of vinegared food and salad.
Even if we run to yoghurt◎

It is good we divide by Wed, and to do to hardening, jelly in gelatin.
To drink to dishes to dessert…
We play an active part in various scenes!

Is exclusively in spring; "fill up vinegar to take". Please try!
We look forward to your visit.

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