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Manufacturing to let thing which does not mean a lot mean a lot
Special dish that Shobo-an mustard seasoned cod roe made use of egg original taste and resistance to the teeth using Hokkaido cod roe. kaya*sha soup stock of finish of chemical seasoning, preservatives no addition is vaunted article, too.

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Mentaiko, processed food
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Simple! But it is the orthodox school! "Soup stock chazuke"

Thank you for having you always favor Kuhara head family Hakata Station Deitos shop. It is Fuchigami in charge of blog.
It is one of now on sale this time than last month and is introduction of chazuke.

Soup stock chazuke roasted tea (with six) 540 yen (tax-included)
Roasted tea uses thing from Kagoshima, and flavor of roasted tea and taste of soup stock patronize with exquisite Balance each other and are tasteful special dish.

Soup stock chazuke Matcha (with six) 540 yen (tax-included)
We use Matcha of Yame, Fukuoka. It is moderate bitterness of Matcha and flavor of beach of Ariake marine products seaweed and rich flavor ochazuke that we roast, and nice smell of rice matched.

When the small is slightly hungry in busy time for breakfast, it is outstanding performance in various scenes including time to want to eat full-scale delicious thing though we are not hung at time.
As you only pour hot water, you can easily make quickly!

Because it is light and is easy to carry, it is popular product as present and gift now. Please try at this opportunity.

We look forward to than your visit feeling.