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Manufacturing to let thing which does not mean a lot mean a lot
Special dish that Shobo-an mustard seasoned cod roe made use of egg original taste and resistance to the teeth using Hokkaido cod roe. kaya*sha soup stock of finish of chemical seasoning, preservatives no addition is vaunted article, too.

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Mentaiko, processed food
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To GW homecoming, attendant of trip

You always see blog, and thank you.

Long-awaited GW began this year. Are all of you, squid getting along?
It is recommended today in souvenir and Mother's Day,
We introduce gift that popular getting out kaya*sha and chicken soup stock were bundled!

<set contents>  1,024 yen (tax-included)
・ Is kaya*sha (with five bags); X 1
・ Is chicken (with five bags); X 1
・ Miso soup (with one meal) of mushrooms  X 1
・ kai*shichisomi*shiru (with one meal)  X 1

We leave Japanese Cuisine to this! Fried chin entered, is almighty; "is kaya*sha" and.
Secret of taste "is chicken" shavings of dried bonito of chicken which we smoked and.
Each cuisine handbook includes to provide.

Freeze dry product to be able to also have easily.
By miso soup of mushrooms and kai*shichisomi*shiru one meal enter.

Packing of armed monk of Enryakuji (yamaboshi) hang, and how about with paper?

In fact, as well as color taste, do feel of a material of paper in favorite. We want to have for hand by all means!
Besides, it is seasonally limited.
You wrap present, and, with feeling of everyday thanks, would you like to do?

In addition, is for a limited time; of Mother's Day hang, and offer paper.

Table garnished light pink gradation, back with carnation.
Of course it is recommended to present of Mother's Day to have you use for pretty good present.

We offer a lot of products which are recommended to Other, present.
When you come to HAKATA, please drop in at Hakata Station Deitos shop.

Then become all of you, pleasant GW.

Hakata Station Deitos shop Iwasaki