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Manufacturing to let thing which does not mean a lot mean a lot
Special dish that Shobo-an mustard seasoned cod roe made use of egg original taste and resistance to the teeth using Hokkaido cod roe. Getting out kaya*sha of finish of chemical seasoning, preservatives no addition is vaunted quality, too.

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Mentaiko, processed food
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New product Hiyajiru

Thank you very much for always coming to Kuhara head family Hakata Station Deitos shop. It is Fuchigami in charge of blog.

There was area included in the rainy season in Kyushu, and hot and humid Sun increased, and it was at time when I came to want cold thing.
It is introduction of recommended new product "Hiyajiru" today at coming hot time!

Soup stock and sauce Hiyajiru (for *3 time of one portion)
540 yen (tax-included)

Before introduction of taste "in the first place Hiyajiru think whether person called what" comes.
We discuss fish paste, sesame, toasted miso of fish with Hiyajiru and we hung juice which we stretched out to rice, and are known for soup stock as local dishes of Miyazaki.

Control flavor of fish daringly so that anyone is easy to eat Hiyajiru of kaya*sha, product made in company barley miso,
We use sesame which is full of flavors, getting out extremity and finish in refined taste.

How to make is easy and hangs soup stock and sauce to rice and pours cold Wed.
Please have with cucumber and green shiso, tofu if you like.

Even somen and hiyamugi, udon are eatable as well as rice deliciously.
Please try chilly Hiyajiru in hot Sun having been continued since this!

We look forward to your visit.