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We selected here watches for various occasions and styles. Collaboration watch with popular brand or original brand have item which is not available a lot elsewhere.

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[SKAGEN] We have a cute navy◎

All of you hello.

Popular brand [SKAGEN SKAGEN] this time from North Europe
We introduce ladies' watch which is simpler, and is pretty.

Left SKW2838 ¥11,000+ tax
Right SKW2867 ¥11,000+ tax

It is clock with activeness with navy X gold.
It is model who is reliable to gift (^ 0 ^)

A feeling of size is good to casual style just right, too◎
Please see by all means at store!

Limitation of <members member! Maintenance campaign>We extend for ← favorable reception during period!
Period ... Friday, July 31
[1] ROLEX, overhaul of OMEGA
 ROLEX (self-winding watch) normal price 28,000+ yen tax ...
 OMEGA (self-winding watch) normal price 25,000+ yen tax ...
 15% OFF of members member for a limited time! (normal 10%OFF)
※Parts charges may be caused separately.
※The necessary days: 4-5 weeks
[2] 50% of breath cleaning is OFF!
 By the battery exchange use in TiCTAC repair center
 "Breath cleaning" normal 1,000 yen → 500 yen + tax!
[3] Original leather belt 50% OFF!
♩ which impression of clock changes when belt changes, and spreads as for the width of coordinates by all means change of dress of Wristwatches!
On the day the members enrollment is object, too. Please take advantage of this advantageous opportunity.

Inquiry by all means to our restaurant↓↓
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